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The price is dependent on the season and the number of people sharing the accommodation.
There are three seasons Standard, Peak and Low. The flat is a 3 bed roomed flat normally let for 5 people.
However, as there is a sofa bed in the living room it can, if required, accommodate up to 7 people.
There is a £20 per night surcharge for 6 or 7 people. Special rates are available for weekly bookings.

Standard Rate is £90 per night (or £18 per person for 5 people)

Peak Rate is £150 per night (or £30 per person per night for 5 people)

Low Season is £80 per night (or £16 per person for 5 people)

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Peak Season dates are: Low Season dates are:
From To
20th December 2009 4th January 2010
12th February 2010 14th February 2010
12th March 2010 14th March 2010
1st April 2010 10th April 2010
24th July 2010 31st August 2010
19th December 2010 3rd January 2011
From To
5th January 2010 4th February 2010
15th February 2010 11th March 2010
1st November 2010 18th December 2010

All other dates are Standard Season.

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